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Stormberg Conservancy

The San Bushman first inhabited the Stormberg, where relic rock art caves still bear testimony to their existence. This area has witnessed a number of battles in both the Boer and Frontier wars and is steeped in history. Stormberg Conservancy was established to promote the environment and be conducive to the enhancing of both flora and fauna. The conservancy ensures that ethical standards in hunting and related activities are maintained.

 The Stormberg Conservancy is a mixture of picturesque mountains and open valleys, situated in the high country of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Part of this 100 000-acre conservancy’s rich ecosystem includes 20 species of plains game, numerous game birds and waterfowl. This high altitude montane grassland area is famous for its Greywing Partridge hunting, and boasts the most stable populations of Vaal Rhebok in Africa.

 The quarry in this area live from the open plains up to the rugged mountainsides, where the altitude extends up to 7500 feet above sea level. Hunting in this region can be strenuous due to the walking and stalking that is required. Hunters here will be exposed to long range shooting, so a good flat shooting rifle with variable scope is advisable. Cool temperatures can be experienced in this area; therefore it is advisable to bring warm clothes. The days can be temperate, with cold mornings and evenings.

Species Hunted

SteenbokGrey DuikerBlue DuikerCape GrysbokImpalaBontebokCape BushbuckNyalaRed LechweRed HartebeestBlue WildebeestCommon WaterbuckWarthogBushpigBurchell’s ZebraGemsbokCape KuduCape Eland.

South Africa
1:18 am, February 22, 2024
overcast clouds 16°C
overcast clouds
Wind: 9 Km/h
Pressure: 1016 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 5:52 am
Sunset: 6:55 pm

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