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Terms & Conditions

Please note that when you book and reserve at Stormberg Elangeni Safaris you are deemed to accept the terms, conditions and safety rules below. Please read carefully.

Safari activities involve risks to personal health and possible damage to property. These risks are to some extent insurable and you are deemed to have taken out insurance cover to whatever reasonable extent is available in your country of origin at your expense. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety and good health of clients, Stormberg Elangeni Safaris will accept no liability for accident, injury or illness that you may incur or loss or damage to your property during or after the safari.

On signing our booking form and or safari contract and or indemnity form, you warrant and represent to us that you are medically fit and able to undergo a potentially rigorous and in the case of big game, also dangerous activity with obvious risks, which you warrant and represent that you accept without qualification and without in any way holding us liable and that you have taken all above reasonable steps to insure against the risks, damages, costs and expenses.

In booking with Stormberg Elangeni Safaris you agree to indemnify us for all and any costs incurred by us if you or any of your party / guests and associates fall ill or have any accident which requires us to incur medical or transport expenses on your or their behalf.

Stormberg Elangeni Safaris has taken reasonable steps to provide appropriate equipment and skilled personnel to ensure enjoyment of an activity for which you may not be skilled. You understand that this activity is not without risk.

The following is a non - exhaustive list of risks:

  1. Injury or death due to the use of firearms by you or others in your party.
  2. Injury or death due to missteps and falls or the action of animals including insects and snakes.
  3. Injury or death and/ or property damage due to varied terrain and possible extremes in weather conditions.
  4. Injury or death due to transport accident.
  5. When booking with Stormberg Elangeni Safaris you agree to assume responsibility for the risks identified herein and those risks not specifically identified. Your participation in this activity is voluntary and you elect to participate in the full knowledge of these risks.
  6. When booking with Stormberg Elangeni Safaris you certify that you are fully capable of participating in this activity and assume full responsibility for yourself, including your minor children, for bodily injury, death and personal property and expenses thereof as a result of these inherent risks and dangers and of your negligence in participating in this activity.


  •   All trophy fees subject to change
  •   Bookings will be secured on payment of 50% of the total package rate
  •   Balance of daily rate, packages and charter flights are due 60 days prior to the contracted date
  •   Trophy fees are payable on completion of your safari
  •   Trophy charges are applicable to animals killed or wounded and lost. Any blood drawn will be counted as a wounded and lost animal
  •   The cost of your safari excludes the packing, dipping and export of your trophies from Namibia.
  •   All payments must be made via direct bank transfer or Cash
  •   All prices are subject to change, should the Government alter any rates towards the safari company
  •   All deposits, less expenses, will be refunded if the safari is cancelled, provided that the safari can be rebooked in the same year
  •   The Hunting Season is from the 1st June to the 30th November
  •   The Caprivi is a Malaria area and clients must take precautions. It is suggested that you take ‘Larium’ or ‘Malarone’ tablets – with your doctor’s approval
  •   You will be required to sign an indemnity form before the commencement of the safari.

Packages Include

  •   License and trophy fee for the species listed in the package
  •   Daily Rate
  •   The full time service of a licensed Professional Hunter and complete staff services, including trackers, skinners, cooks and camplodge assistants.
  •   Full accommodation and camplodge equipment, including linen, towels, refrigeration and laundry
  •   Full catering, including fresh fruit and vegetables, soft drinks, beer and wine during the safari.
  •   All ground transport during the safari, including collection and return to the nearest airstrip and one 4 wheel drive vehicle per professional hunter
  •   Field preparation of trophies

Daily Rates & Packages Exclude

  •   Commercial flight to Windhoek and Mapacha
  •   Charter flights
  •   Hotel accommodation before, during and after the contracted safari period
  •   Rifle Permit
  •   Dip, pack, crate, documentation of trophies.
  •   Shipment of trophies to final destination.
  •   VAT on Daily Rate portion of the package.
  •   Gratuities
  •   Phone calls.
  •   Insurance, medical expenses.
  •   Taxidermy.
  •   Other tours in Namibia.

Safety Rules

  •   You will be briefed by your Professional Hunter on safety procedures, please respect them.
  •   You will be briefed by your Professional Hunter on an ethical code of conduct whilst hunting, please respect this.
  •   At all times respect your Professional Hunters wishes and instructions.
  •   Do not shoot unless you are instructed to do so by your Professional Hunter.
  •   Do not shoot unless you have a clear view, i.e. dogs, other hunters, helper’s positions etc.
  •   Ensure that your weapon is unloaded before placing it on a vehicle or climbing over a fence, unless otherwise stipulated by your Professional Hunter.
  •   Every effort will be made to find wounded game, please respect this.
  •   Shoot birds at the correct distance. Maximum shotgun range 45 m. Birds shot too close are inedible.
  •   Do not shoot ground or very low birds.
  •   Your Professional Hunter will advice you on the correct shot size for specific bird species, please respect this.
  •   Stormberg Elangeni Safaris recommends 7 ½ – 9 Doves & Pigeons, 5-6 Partridge, 4-5 Guinea Fowl & Duck and 1-2 Geese.
  •   When carrying your shotgun keep it broken or pointing skywards.
  •   Never point your gun at anyone.
  •   When shooting birds don’t poach someone else’s bird or shoot down the line.
  •   When you expect to shoot keep your barrel pointing skyward and your safety on.
  •   Break your gun when climbing over fences.
  •   Never shoot birds that you know will be impossible to retrieve.
  •   When shooting, ensure that you know the species that are to be hunted.
  •   Every effort must be made to find wounded birds.


Clients are advised to fully insure themselves and their property for their stay in Africa. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety and good health of clients, Stormberg Elangeni Safaris will accept no liability for accident, injury or illness that you may incur or loss or damage to your property during or after the safari.